Why I Didn’t Say Anything: The Sheldon Kennedy Story

Sheldon Kennedy book coverIn 1996, Sheldon Kennedy rocked the insular world of Canadian hockey by announcing that his former minor-league coach, Graham James – the Hockey News 1989 Man of the Year – had sexually abused him more than 300 times. The media portrayed Kennedy as a hero for breaking the code of silence in professional hockey and bringing James to justice. The heroic myth intensified in 1998 when Kennedy announced that he was going to in-line skate from Newfoundland to British Columbia to raise awareness of sexual abuse. The skate raised over 1 million for Canadian Red Cross sexual abuse programs, and Kennedy.  Available at your favourite book stores or online at  Chapters/Indigo and Amazon.

Ten Tips for Talking about Sexual Violence with Your Sons

A great article from Everyday Feminism on parenting and sexual violence:

“We often discuss issues of safety and prevention with our daughters, but are we having critical conversations about rape with our sons?”