Violence Awareness

MentorAction is a group of male leaders who stand up and speak out in ending gender-based violence. Our members challenge existing societal norms that perpetuate gender-based violence and seek to create a community that is safe and violence-free. Since 2013, MentorAction has provided education, mentorship and community participation.

By engaging men and teaching our youth, MentorAction embraces the strengths of our community and is committed to addressing gender-based violence by engaging in prevention strategies. MentorAction members recognize they are responsible to honour the voices and experiences of women, as well as the leadership of women.

Domestic incident calls to
Hamilton Police Services in 2021

Charges laid from domestic incidents
in Hamilton in 2021

Every 2.5 days, a woman or girl
is killed in Canada.

Join the fight to End
Gender-Based Violence

When you see, hear, or are told about Gender-Based Violence, stand up and speak out. You can make a difference! Click on the button below to join us, download images to share, and make a donation to help end Gender-Based Violence.

Be a Leader.
Be MORE than a Bystander.

Being More than a Bystander means taking a stand, and being a leader. Listen to athletes from some of our amazing partnerships talk about the importance of leadership – and how standing up just once can make a huge difference.

When it comes to fighting Gender-Based Violence, we should all be on the same team.

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    Our Programs

    Stand Up and Speak Out

    Prevention programs developed to educate youth about gender-based violence and how they can be leaders and mentors in their community. 

    Become a Steel City Ally 

    Take your #firststepfirstchange towards ending gender-based violence by taking your online oath. 

    GBV Prevention Training

    Learn to recognize gender-based violence and safe tools to intervene. Trainings and workshops available to communities and workplaces.

    Our Mission

    As a program of Interval House of Hamilton (IHOH), MentorAction upholds the agency’s mission, vision and values. MentorAction works with the support and guidance/direction of Interval House of Hamilton to, where possible:


    • Through active social media, presentations and group discussions.
    • Through the implementation of Be More Than A Bystander to educate the community’s youth.
    • Provide meaningful strategies and tools to individuals to break the cycle of gender-based violence through the use of safe strategies that disrupt harmful behaviour towards women/girls.


    • Actively participate in social awareness campaigns, such as International Women’s Day, National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, and Take Back the Night.
    • Support the work of Interval House of Hamilton by engaging and supporting fundraising opportunities, as a means to reduce financial burdens and barriers.


    • Engage allies within the community who seek to create change and abolish gender-based violence.
    • Develop allies willing to volunteer when necessary to support the work of Interval House of Hamilton and MentorAction.
    • Establish strategic partnerships with community organizations.