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Say yes to becoming a Steel City Ally
Posted 1 November 2020

Ending gender-based violence is a community response and we cannot do this without your help. Make the promise to be an ally and help fight gender-based violence.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT. MAKE A PROMISE. BE THE VOICE. The pledge can be taken by using this link to go directly to the Steel City Ally page on our website.

The first 200 people who commit to ending gender-based violence by joining our Steel City Ally group will receive a MentorAction – Steel City Ally face mask!

Why join the Steel City Allies movement to end gender-based violence?

1. You can make change, in your community and in our world. Gender-based violence is a global pandemic and every voice counts. Adding your voice can create a ripple-effect and together we can end gender-based violence.

2. You can join a movement where people share the same values and commitment to end gender-based violence.

3. By joining Steel City Allies we become stronger and our voices become unified.

4. Joining the Steel City Allies is a personal action you can take to help end gender-based violence.

Join the Steel City Allies and let’s work together to end gender-based violence!