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Tis the Season to be Safe…
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Posted 20 December 2020

Many people equate the Holidays to memories of warmth, love, and family – where the aroma of freshly baked cookies drift through the kitchen warmly touching the senses and beautifully decorated homes glisten under layers of Christmas lights. For many women, these fond memories are far from the realities they endure daily. Violence in the home during the holiday season escalates and this year with COVID-19 women are already enduring higher levels of abuse. If you notice a woman in need of help, there are ways you can support her. First, ask her if she needs your help – a woman is the expert in her own life. Do not judge, shame or blame her — be supportive and listen to her as she talks to you. Be knowledgeable, the Canadian Women’s Foundation has identified the Violence at Home Signal for Help. If there is an emergency – call the Police. Let’s make this Holiday season safe for everyone.