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Lance – Bio, Chair of MentorAction
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Posted 26 December 2020

My name is Lance and I am the current Chair of MentorAction, I am involved with MentorAction because I believe violence is unacceptable. As Pope John Paul II said, “Violence is a crime against humanity, for it destroys the very fabric of society.” When people hear about domestic violence situations, so often people ask the question, “Why doesn’t she just leave?” This question seems to miss the mark on many levels. Violence against women is a massive issue in our society and this question suggests that violence would not be an issue if the woman would just leave. It is blaming the woman for being the victim of a man’s behaviour. The real question that needs to be asked is Why does this man choose to use abusive behaviour?

I have seen many relationships where violence has existed and the result is never resolution, but pain (that can be both physical and psychological). For these reasons, violence against women is not a women’s issue. It is a men’s issue. It’s time for men to break the silence on violence against women. Take your #firststepfirstchange to end gender-based violence at: Become a Steel City Ally – Mentor Action