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Canada’s Femicide List
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Posted 1 January 2021

Each New Year’s Day brings hopes of fresh beginnings and new memories. Traditionally January 1 is the “reset” date for many things… including the collection of various data. The Canadian Observatory for Justice and Accountability (CFOJA) will begin to collect new data for their annual femicide list. According to their webpage femicide is defined, “as the killing of one or more females, primarily by males, because they are female. It represents the extreme end of violence and discrimination against women and girls.”

Each year with grace and diligence, the CFOJA collects the names of murdered females and publishes the “Femicide List”. I can remember the first Femicide List I ever received – I looked at the pictures and I read the names… and my heart broke. How can we sit idly by while our mothers, daughters and sisters are being killed in a war they did not sign up to fight?  It is time as Canadians that we work together to end gender-based violence and the need for a Femicide List. You can start your New Year by becoming a Steel City Ally and take your #firststepfirstchange