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Moving Our Words… Into Action
Posted 22 January 2021

Moving our words into action – means you take intentional steps to end gender-based violence. Being an ally must mean more than silence – being an ally must produce action. The questions is…. how much action? The answer is… that depends on you.

There are countless ways you can be an ally and end-gender based violence. The Toronto West Local Immigration Partnership gives 150 options to help you become an active ally in change. For some their role will be more reflective and may begin with having conversations with their children, while others will introduce gender-based violence conversations at their workplaces or within their communities. Regardless of where you start… the key message is to START! 

By becoming an ally and joining the movement, you join a community of people who recognize equality and embrace violence-free living.

Don’t forget to make your promise and take your #firststepfirstchange to end gender-based violence by becoming a Steel City Ally.  By joining together we become stronger – our voices are amplified and we can make meaningful and impactful change.