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MentorAction Bio – Shawn Chisholm
Posted 22 February 2021

Each month we introduce a member of MentorAction. This month we would like to introduce Shawn Chisholm.

“My name is Shawn Chisholm, and I’ve been with on the Steering Committee with MentorAction since the early days.  I believe that ending gender-based violence rests with men, and it was important for me to step up and get involved as the father of two daughters, a husband and social worker working professionally with women as colleagues as well as providing service to women as girls.

Working with children and families throughout my career means I have witnessed the negative impact of violence on women and children.  I have also seen the positive effect of men taking responsibility to change their behaviour.  So, I know that gender-based violence can be ended.

Programs like Be More Than a Bystander are key to ending gender-based violence in Hamilton. It’s been inspiring to be part of this initiative with MentorAction and Interval House of Hamilton. More than this, being an ally is the opportunity for more men as individuals to play an important part of a future without gender-based violence.”

You can take your #firststepfirstchange towards ending gender-based violence by joining the Steel City Allies. This group of allies has made the commitment to work towards ending gender-based violence.