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MentorAction Steering Committee Member – Carl
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Posted 20 May 2021

Each month, we introduce a member from the MentorAction Steering Committee. This month we would like to introduce Carl Haley.

“My name is Carl and I am an addictions counselor who has been working in human services for about 8 years. I joined MentorAction because I care about women and men. I have witnessed and experienced intimate violence both professionally and personally since I was a young child and have seen the patterns and manifestations of modern society move into more and more disarray as time has gone on. I wish to be involved in the education and preservation of young men and their masculinity, to show that there is strength in kindness, and nothing wrong or evil about masculinity. Together I believe we can foster healthier perspectives and help guide young men in a way that provides fruitful relationships.” – Authored by: Carl Haley