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The Freedom and Hope Women’s Golf Tournament
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Posted 1 June 2021

The Freedom and Hope Women’s Golf Tournament is an annual fundraiser for Jared’s Place, a program of Interval House of Hamilton. Jared’s Place provides legal information, advocacy, court accompaniment, and system navigation to women involved in Family or Criminal Court. Jared’s Place remains underfunded and relies on fundraising to keep their doors open.

There is a misconception that when a woman leaves her abuser she is considered safe. In reality, the threat of violence increases during post-separation. When women reach out to the legal system for support, they are often met with a system that is complex and misguided. Courts often take the view that shared custody and co-parenting is preferred and parents should communicate and work together. When there is a history of abuse this view is problematic, unrealistic and frankly, it is dangerous. An abuser’s history of controlling and harming their partner does not magically disappear because the relationship ended. As the abuser begins to lose their control over their ex-partner, they will generally try to find other ways to control her.

Legal advocates support and guide women through the legal processes. They accompany women to criminal court, when they have to testify against their abuser and they accompany women to family court, when they have to ask a judge to protect her and her children. They often attend appointments with lawyers to ensure the lawyer understands the challenges their client is truly facing. Judges and lawyers are educated in law – but often lack the knowledge they need to fully serve and restore justice to survivors of violence and abuse

When women first come through the doors of Jared’s Place, you can feel their fear. With time and the support of Jared’s Place staff, women begin to feel more confident in their legal journey.

Jared’s Place is in need of your support. Through the Freedom and Hope Women’s Golf Tournament, you can sponsor a hole, donate some funds or play a round of golf. If you would like to support, please go to Interval House of Hamilton. 

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