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Interval House of Hamilton Celebrates 35 Years of Service
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Posted 1 July 2021

Interval House of Hamilton celebrates 35 years of serving women and children in the City of Hamilton. Beginning in a small building located in the city’s lower east end, Interval House of Hamilton has grown and responded to the needs of women and children for over 35 years. Through the years, new programs have been developed, new sites have opened, and the agency has advocated for equality, safety, and violence-free living.

When women first arrive at Interval House, they are provided access to safe shelter, support, food, and clothing. Their children are offered toys, access to Child and Youth workers and safety. Each woman’s journey is unique to her, and staff work hard to ensure she is fully supported. It takes tremendous strength to access a shelter and take steps towards safety. Often a woman’s journey is riddled with trauma, family court and economic suffering. With each step forward she finds the strength to carry on.

After 35 years, Interval House remains committed to not only supporting women, but giving people the skills and knowledge to end gender-based violence. Through programs like Be More Than A Bystander, youth are given the tools to safely intervene when they see or know of someone who needs help. Rigid gender norms are challenged, and toxic masculinity is dismantled giving the younger generation new tools to end the perpetuation of gender-based violence.

We cannot do this work alone. We need your support. You can help by volunteering, donating, or becoming an ally by joining the Steel City Allies. Together we can work to end gender-based violence and create safer communities.