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Steel City Allies
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Posted 1 July 2021

The Steel City Allies is an online call-to-action campaign to end gender-based violence. By making their promise to end gender-based violence, allies have taken their #firststepfirstchange. Gender-based violence is a global pandemic. We all have women and girls in our lives who we love and care about and all women and girls have an undeniable right to safe and violence-free lives. Women in Canada experience gender-based violence at an alarming rate and COVID-19 has certainly increased women’s risk of violence and abuse. The Steel City Ally campaign focusses on creating change through engaging with allies.

You may be wondering… “What is an Ally?”

  • An ally is someone who is interested in supporting survivors of gender-based violence.
  • An ally recognizes challenges and is ready to stand up and speak out.
  • An ally takes the time to recognize the role they may be playing in perpetuating gender-based violence.
  • An ally is no longer willing to sit passively, while women and girls continue to experience violence and abuse.
  • An ally takes the time to actively listen to survivors and is willing to raise awareness.

When people gather collectively, their voices are amplified. Many voices speaking together creates a louder message. Through numbers – there is strength, and there is power to make change.

You can take your #firststepfirstchange towards ending gender-based violence by joining online: Join the Steel City Allies