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What is Gender-Based Violence?
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Posted 5 July 2021

What is gender-based violence? Isn’t it the same as domestic violence? Often people think gender-based violence is the same as violence against women or intimate partner violence – but this is not accurate.

Gender-based violence is a phenomenon deeply rooted in gender inequality, and continues to be one of the most notable human rights violations within all societies. Gender-based violence is violence directed against a person because of their gender. Both women and men experience gender-based violence but the majority of victims are women and girls.  Gender-based violence and violence against women are terms that are often used interchangeably as it has been widely acknowledged that most gender-based violence is inflicted on women and girls, by men. However, using the ‘gender-based’ aspect is important as it highlights the fact that many forms of violence against women are rooted in power inequalities between women and men. (European Institute for Gender Equality)

Gender-based violence are acts of violence committed against women, transgender and gender diverse people because of their gender, gender identity, gender expression, or perceived gender. Women and gender diverse people are disproportionate targets of gender-based violence, including intimate-partner violence.  (LEAF – Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund Canada)

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Authored by Shawn Chisholm – Steering Committee Member, MentorAction