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Join the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Coach Boys Into Men

As a coach, you influence your young athletes every day. They look up to you, listen to you, and follow your advice. You have the power to instill positive, influential messages in them as they grow from boys into men. Coaching Boys Into Men empowers coaches like you to help guide young athletes into understanding that violence is not the same as strength, how to build healthy relationships, and the power of respect.

The Program

Training and Resources

We’ll give you the resources to lead conversations, and the guidance to help you along the way.

  • Attend training sessions
  • Get your CBIM Cards

Weekly Conversations

Sit down with your team after practice or the game and engage in thoughtful discussions.

  • Follow card prompts
  • Watch your players grow

Enjoy the Rewards

In partnership with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, CBIM coaches earn great prizes for their teams!

  • Go to a Ti-Cats game
  • Grow stronger as a team, together

Why Join CBIM?

The leaders of Coaching Boys Into Men are characterized by their ability to build athletes’ leadership and character. The characteristics that make CBIM coaches successful on the playing field also make them successful off the playing field.

Coaching Boys Into Men, you:

  • Stand up for respect. You are a role model for your athletes and fellow coaches.
  • Are dedicated to developing positive character and leadership among your athletes.
  • Are committed to building strong relationships with your athletes based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Create a safe environment where athletes can talk openly without fear of judgment.
  • Know where to find support with difficult topics.
  • Are willing to learn how to lead interactive discussions with your athletes using the CBIM Card Series as a guide.

Join the Charge!

Step One.

Join the program by filling out your email down below.

Step Two.

Take part in a training session and receive your CBIM Conversation Cards.

Step Three.

Work through the program with your athletes throughout the course of your season.

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