How to
Get Involved

Our Programs

Stand Up and Speak Out.
Prevention programs developed to educate youth on gender-based violence and how they can be mentors in their schools and communities. 

Be an Ally
A call-to-action online campaign. Take your #firststepfirstchange towards ending gender-based violence, by taking your online oath.


GBV Prevention Training
Make change in your community by organizing gender-based violence prevention training. Training focusses on recognizing GBV and teaching safe ways to intervene. 

What you can do

As a community, we must come together in new ways to end gender-based violence. Here are some ways YOU can help:


MentorAction continues their work without funding and requires your help – whether through financial donation or volunteer hours. Please contact us to find out more or click on the link below to donate.

Be an advocate

Stand Up and Speak Out against gender-based violence. Be an advocate for women, and be more than a bystander. Through education, awareness and resources, we can end gender-based violence together.


MentorAction has various programs to get everyone involved in ending gender-based violence. Through our Steel City Ally program, Community Leader Program, and other opportunities, our volunteers learn the skills to be a role model in the community and lead by example.

Upcoming Events

Be More Than A Bystander Awareness Month

Be More Than A Bystander Awareness Month

Each February, we bring awareness to our Be More Than A Bystander campaign. The Be More Than A Bystander campaign is a layered approach and focusses on educating, advocating and rallying allies to end gender-based violence. In the month of February, we focus on...

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Funding Announcement Expands “Be More Than A Bystander”

Funding Announcement Expands “Be More Than A Bystander”

Interval House of Hamilton has been announced as a successful recipient of funding allocated by the Women and Gender Equality Canada: Feminist Response and Recovery Fund. The funds will expand the programs of MentorAction and focus on preventative measures aimed to...

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